Possibilities in your life!

You can be anything you want to be, almost.

There is a simple tool for testing possibilities as they relate to your life. Let's say you want to be President or an astronaut. Is that a real possibility or a dream? It turns out there are two simple things that keep us from achieving our potential.

The first is what is called our story. Simply put, it is everything you have ever succeeded or failed at. That story is the history of your life and if you let it, it will always instruct you on what you believe is possible for yourself. Think of it as a ball and chain that keeps you anchored away from your potential. Your own preconceived ideas and past experiences are what limits your potential.

Now that you are aware that your past is holding you back, let's say you’re going to set that story aside and assume anything is possible in your life. So, are you free to run for President? The simple measure of a possibility is this: we all live in a group of personal relationships -- nuclear family, in-laws, close friends, employers. It is in support given by the most important and relevant relationships that possibilities are found. So if I asked everyone I knew including my wife or partner, ”do you think I should run for President?” and the answer was as a resounding no, then that wouldn't be a very likely possibility. I just don't have the kind of support I would need to go the distance.

Suppose you want to start a business and you aren't sure if it's a good idea. The possibility is tied up in numerous kinds of support from those relationships mentioned above. Would your parent be willing to co-sign a loan, will the bank provide financing, would your children come and help after school, does anybody need or want what you provide? We don't live in a vacuum. Possibility is about determining whether you really have the support that you need to take a possibility from dream to reality and leaving behind your old, outdated ideas of what you can do and be.

Ultimately, your possibilities are only limited by your imagination and the people you surround yourself with. If you don't like the kind of support you are getting from certain people, maybe you need to change to more supportive or flexible thinkers.

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