Critical Thinking

What is it?

We want to emphasize that it's not about being critical of anyone or anything. It is about analyzing and evaluating an issue in order to form a judgement. Critique, meaning a detailed analysis and assessment of something, is actually a better word, because what this skill boils down to is asking questions. It teaches you when to ask a question and, with practice, the right questions. It leads you to question all the information and ideas you get every day and gives you a tool to filter it.

We believe that Critical Thinking (CT) can be fun, informative, and incredibly useful in your day to day life. Making better decisions makes life easier and more enjoyable, and also helps us to be true Patriots to our Country. How, you ask? By better understanding what you hear from our business and political leaders, including candidates running for public office, and figuring out what you can and cannot believe. CT can help you to become a better person and a good citizen in any democracy. Generally, people think with two minds: logical and emotional. CT is a skill that allows you to recognize and balance both sides of your decision-making abilities.

If you feel you live in a world of Us & Them, then CT is for you. Wouldn't you love to understand how people end up on the opposite position from you? Do you want to examine issues and learn to state your position clearly and convince others? This technique can be applied to family, work, home, friends, politics, education and more. This is what we wish to share with those who are new to CT as well as input from those with experience and support.


It starts like this:

Info/Idea/Data is presented to you


Do I Care? Does This Affect Me or People I Care About?

I do care. This affects me?

Why you care is based on  your values, morals, ethics, core beliefs & situation.

Use critical thinking to prove This idea, fact  data or form an opinion


I don't care , it doesn't affect me. I may want this fact/info for later. A fact or an opinion does not need to be Critically thought through.


Mark Barton

My experience starts with my family. My father was an electrical engineer, and my mother ran medical laboratories. Both were highly analytical, a skill that they passed on to their sons. I was a certified Arborist for 23 years. Between dealing with tree health care for thousands of customers over more than forty years, I too ended up in an analytical career. Having spent many years working in Sales, I have honed my understanding of human nature and philosophy, which have been lifelong passions. I look forward to sharing my Critical Thinking experience and insights with you.


Debbie Ard

Greetings! If you are looking for someone to help you with English, general tutoring, Communicating, Balance or Comportment, I’m your gal! I have an A.A. in English from Cabrillo College, a B.A. in Communications from the University of Maryland, and ten-plus years of experience in office operations and management. I have tutored children from elementary school to college, acted as co-leader of Girl Scout troops, served as secretary for a non-profit organization, and volunteered for a variety of groups in my community. I look forward to working with you!


Jason Goodfriend, Ph.D.

I am a mathematician/data scientist by trade, and a philosopher/ commentator in my copious spare time. I am also a math tutor, and I have taught college mathematics as an adjunct professor. I am the author of the college textbook A Gateway to Higher Mathematics. I would recommend it if you like math, or if you hate math and have insomnia. My other interests include reading, hiking, good restaurants, and karaoke (of course). You can find me on Twitter at @CentristJasonG. This is my mission statement: “I am committed to engaging with others to set an example of how to make a better world through the use of compassion, commitment, intelligence, balance, justice, and kindness. I shall celebrate when I act in this way.”